Deeply Clean Marine

Eco-friendly, non-abrasive cleaning fabrics, cloths and mitts for the marine industry.

Deeply Clean eco friendly cleaning cloths

Cleaning materials designed specifically for the marine industry

Cleans with water alone so protects the environment by reducing the need for harmful chemicals.

Produces fantastic cleaning results on all surfaces including metal, glass, wood and granite.

Non-abrasive materials, giving you or your crew the confidence to clean correctly without scratching.

Improves cleaning performance in all areas of your vessel and reduces the need for expensive maintenance.

Our Business

Our Business

Our business, our manufacturing process, research and development and business benefits.



Recycled materials, our recycling phylosophy, logistics, packaging and product sustainability.

Product Range

Product Range

A comprehensive range of innovative, eco-friendly cleaning applications for the marine industry.

Where to Buy

How & Where to Buy

Access our trade enquiries page and our on-line store which provides product delivery world-wide.